Photography At It's Best!

MyDJ Entertainment’s partnering Photographer, Dorothy Smith, is one of THE BEST in the business! That’s why she is part of MyDJ’s professional team! Dorothy will capture all the special moments without missing a beat. When you hire a team like this, rest assured all bases are covered for your Special Day!

When you book DJ or Photo Booth services with us, Dorothy will extend a 10% discount which is exclusive to MyDJ Entertainment and MySelfie Photo Booth clients!! We think that’s AMAZING, and you should too! Check out her portfolio of beautiful images and see for yourself…

“We have photographed thousands of couples and Weddings over the years. We are experienced in all fields of Photography, including but not limited to Weddings, Industrial Photography, Events and numerous Modeling Shoots throughout the years! We love connecting with people. We clearly feel our calling was not missed, with fans of our work near and far. With an emphases also in Photojournalism we infuse much time and devotion to detail in capturing the essence of traditional portraits that are still very much favored by clients who are looking to capture that perfect moment in time. My work does not feel like work because I Love what I do, equally I Love people, connecting with my Clients and working with each and every one of them is a joy for me. I believe that our clients should not only love the finished product but also the journey getting there should be just as pleasurable!”
-Dorothy Smith, Lightheart Photography