DJ Galati

Sarasota's best DJ, Daniel Galati, is not your typical DJ that turns out the same product every time. He’s a hybrid DJ that uses the best of the analog and digital worlds to produce a seamless masterpiece personal to each client. DJ Galati is a master of his craft with over ten years of experience rocking local clubs and venues for private parties, reunions, corporate events, wedding ceremonies and receptions.

In addition to playing the perfect mix for you and your guests, DJ Galati will assist you with any introductions, speeches or special dances and announcements important to your special day. Rest assured the music at your wedding or special occasion will reflect your personal taste and style leading your guests to dance the night away!

We use a Classic DJ set-up! MyDJ Entertainment uses two turntables, a mixer and a microphone. The turntables will provide a unique aspect to your wedding or party. DJ Galati blends a combination of records and digital audio files to create a seamless production for your special event.

We have an extensive collection of multiple musical genres that are guaranteed to represent your taste in music. Your guests will appreciate the authenticity of the turntables, and a DJ that knows how to use them! From Oldies to Modern… from Rock to Pop… from Jazz to Hip Hop… DJ Galati creates mixes that are the life of the party!