Planning Your Grand Exit

The vows have been said, the party of the century has come to an end, and the last song has been played… how will you say good-bye to your guests as you leave the scene as husband and wife? There are many fun ways to make your get-a-way from simple and off-beat to party glam! Here are some suggestions when considering the last moments of your big day!
Why should yLeah  Brian Roux_Naomi Chokr Photography_1093ou plan a grand exit? I will give you three good reasons… it’s fun, it’s theatrical and it makes for great pictures. But above all its the emotional reasons that outshine all the others. Why not leave the party on a high note? Let yourselves be cheered “out” as you leave the party as newly weds. It’s time to reflect after the biggest day of your lives! A proper send off will leave your guests feeling satisfied and will give you some much-needed alone time. Another perk… you may relinquish the daunting wedding clean up tasks! Be sure to have a plan of action in place. Keep your wedding planner, DJ and clean up crew in the loop!
We have all heard of the traditional rice send off but in recent years we have seen some new and creative trends such as cute heart-shaped sparklers and bubbles with personalized labels. But let’s try to think outside the box! Is there something that resonates with you as a couple? Where did you meet? If you meet at the big game why not have mini pom-poms tossed instead? Where is your wedding? If you are getting married on the beach maybe you will choose to ride out on some old school vintage bikes while your guests shower you with hand-held streamers. If you are a party couple consider a glow stick send off with a party bus waiting!
Remember, you have hired a team of professionals that will make your send off a success. Let your wedding planner gather guests as you say your good-bye’s. Let your DJ announce your exit and have them stick around to play one last special send off song. Be sure everything is in place so you can go-go-go!
Lastly, have a solid get away plan! Which mode of transportation will you take from your reception to where you will be spending time as Mr. & Mrs.? Need some inspiration… be glamorous and have a limousine or vintage car waiting to whisk you away, Continue the romance with a horse-drawn carriage or do something completely off beat like riding Segway or a pedicab to your final destination. If nature is your thing consider a tractor or riding horse back from the celebration. For some couples an after party is where it’s at! Renting a trolley or party bus can take the whole wedding party on an adventure!
Whatever you choose keep your surroundings and wedding style in mind. The send off is the last big hoorah of your fairy tale, followed by the first moment of the rest of your lives! Happy planning!


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