Top 10 Questions To Ask Your DJ

A wedding DJ is probably the one vendor who can truly make or break your reception. If they’re great, the dance floor will be packed and your wedding will be remembered as the most awesome party. Here are some key questions to ask before you bookIMG_8588 NEW your DJ.

  • Can we meet the person who will be actually working my event before we sign a contract? You definitely want to make sure you’re comfortable with the person who will be at your ceremony and reception. Do they seem cool, fun, and also respectful? Are they listening to the questions you’re asking, and giving you thoughtful responses? Do they seem like someone you could have a fun time with?
  • Will you work with my playlist and my do not play list? It’s your wedding, you should get to have input about what gets played and what doesn’t. Your wedding DJ should encourage you to prepare lists for both categories.
  • Will your equipment allow you to mix one song into another so that there are no breaks in between songs? One of the top reasons to hire a wedding DJ is to provide a seamless flow of music. Make sure your DJ has this capability before you book.
  • Will you take requests during the wedding? Some wedding DJ’s love requests, while others don’t like having to hunt for an obscure song that interrupts their playlist. The DJ you hire must be flexible and willing to please your guests.
  • Will you act as emcee and announce the cake cutting, first dance, toasts, etc? Can someone else act as emcee? Most DJ’s are used to making these types of announcements, but if you want a more personal touch you may want to ask your father or another charismatic person to act as emcee.
  • Will you have another event on the same day? Since DJ’s work corporate events, bars, bar mitzvahs and birthday parties, you want to make sure he or she is comfortable with weddings and the higher level of sophistication they require.
  • Do your prices include the sound system, speakers, wireless microphone for the toasts, lighting, etc? Each of these extras can add up quickly. You will be able to rest easy if your DJ travels with all of the above at no extra fee. It is also nice to know if  your DJ travels with back up equipment in case an emergency arises.
  • What do you do if nobody is dancing? There are all kinds of incentives that DJ’s use to encourage guests to storm the dance floor, whether it’s asking couples to join the newlyweds for a good-luck dance or playing a meaningful throwback song from the bridesmaids’ college days. The right DJ will be intuitive enough to rock the party all night!
  • What if we really want to hear songs that aren’t in your music collection? Make sure your DJ can be versatile when it comes to your taste in music. No two couples are the same nor are their taste in music.
  • Why you should choose them over another DJ?  What do they consider to be their best attribute.  Is it the amazing sound equipment? Their can-do-anything personality? Or is it their professionalism and dedication towards making your wedding a success? Hopefully, all of the above!IMG_8563 copy


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